Moving Boxes

Moving house can be both an exhilarating and fretful time of your life. Moving houses is definitely not easy. In today’s times, professional mover’s and packer companies have done a lot to reduce the stress among people who are moving houses and a range of services per moving company. Still there is a lot to be said about the kind of stressful experience moving houses can be. If you are moving to a new home, be it in the same city, state, country or in a different continent altogether, you know that the process is a very exciting one. Moving house means the opening of a new chapter in one’s life where new spaces will hopefully bring about the better things in life. Yes, most people are happy when they move to a new place. So will you be moving to a new house or is it going to be a new apartment for you? Whatever it is, moving boxes, or boxes in which you can stuff your stuff and move house, are something you are definitely going to need. And a lot of them, if we may say so! And if you happen to be a hoarder, then you will need all the more boxes! Moving boxes may cost quite a bit if you buy them from the moving people you have hired. So why not try and get them for free or at little cost?? Here are a few resources you can check.

  • The internet: The web is a great place to acquire moving boxes. Lots of people who have bought and used moving boxes don’t know what to do with them after they have moved to a new place. Many of them want to give them away for free to those who need them. A great place to check is Craigslist and similar sites where you will be able to find a free section.
  • Alcohol shops: Is there an alcohol shop in your locality where you shop regularly? Well, asking the shop owner for boxes is a good idea. Ask boxes which have lids on them though because otherwise your things are going to spill off when the vehicle is moving. Liquor stores get lot of boxes in which the liquor comes in and they are quite sturdy. So if you have a lot of music CDs’ and books and you are careful about them, then stuffing them into such boxes is a great idea.
  • Grocery store: Do you have a favorite grocery store where you shop for stuff regularly? Then why not ask the owner to save their grocery boxes for you? These boxes are great and they are perfect for the fragile items you have in your home.
  • Starbucks: Do you have a local Starbucks you go to regularly for your cup of Joe? Then ask the staff to save you some boxes. Starbucks gets lots of boxes and they are great for items which are light and bulky.

As you can see, acquiring boxes for your moving is not that difficult if you think creatively!